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Femdom represents the dominating and superior female figure and as a fetish will always involve a powerful woman in control of the situation, passing the rules and putting them to practice. This is exactly the opposite of the common female submission and the dominating female in the master-slave relationship is called a Mistress.

This type of BDSM assumes that the female will have the power to choose any activities her slave will have to do. The slave can be either another woman, either a man and the activities will consist in anything from reversing the role to even torture or abuse.

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This particular fetish finds its place in the numerous paraphilias examples (sexual arousal using objects) and the people that enjoy this fetish are called most commonly "looners". The whole point is inflating balloons of different sizes (and in this case, size matters) until they pop. This is done by using mouth only, although in case of really big balloons, other form of inflating are necessary.

"Looners" are divided in two categories: poppers and non-poppers. The non-poppers take their pleasure from the process of inflating the balloons, their size and shape and most often from the physical stimulation of these object held against their bodies. This category puts an end to their fun when the balloon pops.

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It's been a while since normal sex doesn't really represents a point of interest and people search new ways of satisfying their sexual desires. Amongst many fetishes you can find the "extreme" one, which basically means sex involving torture, abuse and humiliation.

This fetish has the effect of arousal of the involved participants, either from the situation itself, either from the used objects or in most cases from both. The pleasure comes from the impossibility to react or move too much when such actions occur and the main subject (most often a young girl or a woman) need to feel dominated and helpless.

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Although this fetish is often misunderstood by people outside of it, in general it can be interpreted as the relation between a submissive person or a slave and a dominant figure, a mistress who will receive gifts or money from the slave, without giving anything in return.

This fetish, in its real form can be a form of power exchange also, the submissive part feeling excitement and arousal when being dominated by a mistress in exchange of money. The lack of power and the thought of giving out money makes the slave feel this excitement even days after this experience is finished.

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Foot fetishism is a accentuated sexual interest in feet. It is one of the most common sexual fetishes for body parts, otherwise non-sexual. The main attraction can be found in the size and shape of the foot or toes, their color from pedicure, jewelry, foot wear, smell or any form of sensory interaction. This is the most common sexual fetish related to the body and normally it associated with male sexuality, but women also manifest a big sexual interest in this, although the object would be different.

Both men and women with a real foot fetish won't find any ways of get aroused except focusing on their partner's feet, no matter the size, form or aspect. There are those who have partially attraction towards feet and their interest is represented by the perfection of these body parts...

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Erotic humiliation, regarded as a fetish, is the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context where the relationship between two parts consist in getting arousal and erotic excitement by being humiliated or humiliating another. Humiliation can be done (although it's not a must) by using sexual objects and stimulation.

There are many types of humiliation practices but not all of them are sexual itself, fetishists enjoying these practices search for the feelings given by humiliation. They can always combine it with many other sexual activities. There is a slight difference between dominance and humiliation though, because for example, in an activity like spanking, the humiliation comes from the effect while the activity itself it's just the means to the end.

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This particular fetish represent the attraction to people wearing latex clothing or even to the clothing itself. This can be explained trough the fact that the garment forms a second skin which is perceived as a surrogate for the skin of the one who's wearing it. For the fetishist this will give him the impression that he is naked or his body is covered in a thin layer of paint.

The tightness of the latex can be considered a form of bondage, the smell brings arousal for the fetishists and usually, the garments are impregnated with chemicals to enhance the smell. Latex fetish is a form of exhibitionism in its meanings...

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Derivate from the foot fetish, the legs fetishism can be understood as the attraction of one towards the legs of another. This attraction is gender free and also sexually orientation has nothing to do with it. This type of fetish is actually a partialism, the sexual interest focusing on a certain part of the body.

In many cases the fetish of the legs is accompanied by a fetish for the clothing associated with legs, such as stockings, boots, shoes. The most attracting part for a leg fetishist is the presentation of these body parts, from toes to knees, slowly being crossed after being seated or any other subtle movements of the legs.

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This fetishism refers not to a single, but to a gathering of sexual obsession for the medial environment, the objects used in such environment, different situations and practices.

For some, the obsession stops at medical uniforms, the doctor or the nurse, but for others things go further and the fantasies include intimate examinations (rectal, gynecological, urological, andrological), medical practices such as taking rectal temperature, catherization, menstrual cups, massage, use of medical objects from the surgical to the dental ones.

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Wet and messy fetish that is also known by the acronym WAM is a form of increasing sexual pleasure or obtaining sexual arousal when fluid substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin, predominantly the face, or to the clothes people are wearing. This form of fetishism is also known as sploshing because the fluids are applied to the naked body in a splash in order to make the scene as messy as possible.

WAM femdom splashing scenes are very appreciated by many men even if they don’t have this type of fetish, especially if the fluids used to make it a mess are delicious and appealing like whipped cream, mud, shaving foam, custard, baked beans, ketchup, ice cream, pudding, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, Japanese-style lotion, paint, oil or gunge/slime, cake batter etc.

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A nylon fetish is actually very connected to a stockings fetish or a pantyhose fetish because of the fabric these undergarments are realized from. Nylon fetishism is basically a very unusual and strong attraction to people wearing nylon fabrics as stockings or pantyhose but for other items of clothing that come in direct contact with the skin of women usually. Nylon garments are often worn by sexy, energetic women that need more freedom to move and nylon fetishists may incorporate fantasies about these activities into their fetish.

We can also include the nylon fetishism in the category of fashion fetishisms along with any other fetish related to items of clothing. The only difference that appears is the fact the persons having this fetish are more aroused by the fabric than by the item of clothing.

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The pain fetish is as the name describes that fetish where a person obtains sexual pleasure and stimulation from physical pain which pretty often includes the erogenous zones of the person to whom the pain is inflicted.

The algolagnia as the pain fetish is named by the scientists (from the Greek words agnus and lagnia, which basically means lust through pain) is being studied ever since the 1890’s and the findings were pretty surprising. Apparently there are differences between the brains of those who enjoy this type of fetish and other people, their pain nervous center responds by producing sexual stimulation and pleasure, which explains why they love to be submissive and subdued to different painful treatments.

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As the name says it so clearly, panty fetishism is that action where a person obtains sexual arousal only by seeing or touching the item of clothing it discussion here: the panties. Some people have preferences to certain types of panties like thongs or full covered buttocks panties.

It is considered, by scientists, that the sexual arousement comes from panties direct contact with women’s genital organs. Scientists also consider that the panties fetish usually appears to young boys in their childhood or early adolescence. Young men, usually go through their mother’s drawers with underwear and steal their panties. They try them on and that gives them and erection which is continued with jerking off with them and then ejaculation right on the panties.

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Pantyhose are a feminine item of clothing usually made from nylon or other fabrics blended with nylon. They are originally designed to make the legs look great (by their shiny appearance) and ease the chafing between the foot and footwear. Although this was initially a strictly feminine item of clothing it became in time something that both sexes like to wear, especially in the winter to keep their feet and legs from getting cold.

The pantyhose fetish is strictly connected to the way they feel on touch and the way they look on a woman’s legs. It is considered that this type of fetish appears in childhood or in early adolescence when a young boy would have access to his mother’s or sister’s pantyhose and gets to play with them.

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Erotic humiliation, regarded as a fetish, is the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context where the relationship between two parts consist in getting arousal and erotic excitement by being humiliated or humiliating another. Humiliation can be done (although it's not a must) by using sexual objects and stimulation.

There are many types of humiliation practices but not all of them are sexual itself, fetishists enjoying these practices search for the feelings given by humiliation. They can always combine it with many other sexual activities. There is a slight difference between dominance and humiliation though, because for example, in an activity like spanking, the humiliation comes from the effect while the activity itself it's just the means to the end.

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Shoe fetishism is actually the inexplicable attraction to shoes and attributing footwear sexual qualities. It is very different from women’s need of having as many shoes as possible, which is also very present to very fashionable females. Shoe fetishism can be developed as an alternative or as a complement to a relationship with a partner of another sex or of the same sex.

Scientists have studied different groups of people from different places in the world and they concluded that foot fetish and shoe fetish are the most developed and spread ones in the world. They took into consideration multiple variables among which the number of groups devoted to a particular fetish, the number of individuals participating in the groups and the number of messages exchanged between groups.

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Watching a person smoking can be a really arousing activity for some people. That is how the smoking fetish appeared, a fetish which is also known as capnolagnia. It appears that this fetish has its deep roots from early childhood and the main causes vary from person to person.

History and studies have shown us that men are more attracted by this type of fetish because of their oral fixation and the pleasure of blow jobs than by the smell and taste of the cigarettes. The simple gesture of a woman putting a cigarette between her lips is associated to the image of inserting a penis in her mouth. Women appreciate more the taste and the smell than any other oral fixations.

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Spanking is very often used in sexual acts as a gentle but rough strike over the butt cheeks in order to produce increased pleasure and add some wilderness to the final act.

Gentle spanking, without leaving any marks, is used by every couple in order to tease and to express someone’s affinities to a person by opposite sex. Spanking as a fetish, is a bit rougher and can lead to small injuries at the buttocks level, done with the acceptance of the person being spanked. Spanking actually implies two main figures, present in people’s life since childhood. It implies an authoritarian figure which could represent a parent, a teacher or someone known to be more into body punishments and a submissive person, that did something really wrong and now it is being punished for its facts.

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This fetish is included in the fashion fetishes where people are extremely attracted by the way their sex partners dresses and acts. The sexual arousal appears from imagining the person in front of you as being the actual characters she or he is impersonating by wearing the clothes. If we are talking about stockings fetish, we can give as an example the situation when the woman wearing stockings is preferred in front of a woman not wearing stockings. The person that has this type of fetish feels the need to touch, kiss and feel the texture of the stockings on a woman’s legs in order to get sexually aroused.

The history doesn’t really specify when this type of fetish really appeared for the first time but it is believed that the fashion fetish (which includes stockings fetish) appeared somewhere in the 18th century, when such fine items of clothing like stockings were very hard to reach.

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The strap-on is a sex toy, usually used by female dominatrix in order to submit their partners to sexual humiliation and anal penetration.

It is believed that the strap-on was initially designed for lesbian couples where one woman had to please the other using vaginal penetration. History shows that dildos and strap-ons were used from ancient times and there were findings of such sexual toys in China, Greece and France. People started from a simple dildo, to which they added a strap or harness for a better use. This shows that the history of strap-on goes way back in time and that ancient people were as preoccupied with sexual satisfaction at least as we are today.

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Tattoos are a very ancient art which was practiced by people living in caves or organized in tribes. Back then usually the men got to wear tattoos that showed their social status in the community. The head tribes for example, had their entire body and face painted in ink. That’s why, tattooing is an old art that helped people over decades and centuries express their social status, sexuality and authority.

A tattoo fetish manifest trough a constant need of getting tattoos, all over your body. People that have this fetish love to feel the pain a tattoo needle provokes, they love the healing process and in the end they love how it looks on their skin.

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Tease n' Denial

Tease and denial which is also called the orgasm denial or T&D is a term used to define any sexual practice that leads to arousing a person close to climax and then reduce the genitals’ stimulation or even stop, without offering the final satisfaction, the orgasm. This will make the aroused person (also called the passive partner) to really feel the sexual tension and when the orgasm actually happens is going to be extremely intense.

Tease and denial is a very common practice in BDSM life style where the woman brings her partner to the edge of the orgasm and then stops. Usually this continues with several rounds of tease and denial until the partner gets to orgasm without this being actually produced. Sexual frustration and blue balls are the secondary effects of this sexual practice.

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Toys represent one of the most used objects in sexual relationships. They help you tease your partner and let you enjoy a longer, better sexual act. You can use them alone in your own private space where you feel comfortable or in couple as a starter for a great sex round.

Sex toys were used even in antiquity, by the earlier human beings to enhance the sexual act or to masturbate with an object that resembled the human genitals. There were findings of early feminine shapes carved in stone (rudimentary of course) and other sexual objects so we can say that sexual pleasure was an issue even from ancient times. Apparently these primitive objects were used by those men who couldn’t get a woman to have sex with them.

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Uniform fetish is a clothing fetish which is actually very popular in the entire world. It probably appeared since we started to assume certain types of clothing to certain authority figures we are attracted to by our nature. Some people feel very attracted and aroused by other people wearing a specific type of uniform or they also can get aroused if they are the ones wearing the uniform. Wearing the outfit also implies a role-play, meaning that the one wearing it has to get into character and assume the role.

Most of all, the uniform fetishism is connected to our need of letting ourselves to be dominated by a certain figure or to dominate someone during role-playing sex games. There a few standard uniforms that imply certain feelings that will lead to extreme arousal and sexual satisfaction.

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