Spanking Fetish

Spanking is very often used in sexual acts as a gentle but rough strike over the butt cheeks in order to produce increased pleasure and add some wilderness to the final act.

Gentle spanking, without leaving any marks, is used by every couple in order to tease and to express someone’s affinities to a person by opposite sex. Spanking as a fetish, is a bit rougher and can lead to small injuries at the buttocks level, done with the acceptance of the person being spanked. Spanking actually implies two main figures, present in people’s life since childhood. It implies an authoritarian figure which could represent a parent, a teacher or someone known to be more into body punishments and a submissive person, that did something really wrong and now it is being punished for its facts.

Usually the one being spanked has a secret affinity to being submissive and dominated a role which usually is attributed to men. They have to be a figure of authority in society but they dream at being dominated and spanked really hard by a dominatrix dressed in leather with high heels boots and a whip. Many political figures and kings, loved to have their asses spanked with a whip by their mistresses because they loved to feel dominated and they needed the pain produced by the spanking in order to get sexually aroused. But spanking doesn’t really have to be seen as a corporal punishment used by mistresses and dominatrix. It is a fun, sex, exciting way to have sex as a couple and you can apply it on both partners.

Spanking could also be considered a way of recognition, of love and respect. The spankee gets to feel special, because the treatment is applied only to him or her and the spanker feels honored and respected because the partner is submissive and accepts the harsh treatment without any complaints. This way spanking can bring two people closer and build a solid foundation.

In order to obtain a good final result (a wild sex round) you have to take in consideration a few aspects before actually getting to do the deed. For example you have to choose a position that is comfortable for both partners, according to the wishes of both of you. A normal couple will choose (most surely) a comfortable position where the spanker sits at the edge of a bed or on a couch with the spankee draped across his lap. This gives absolute access to the spankee’s ass and other areas of the body in order for both partners have a good time. A dominatrix on the other hand would prefer to tie the spankee up with a pair of handcuffs and then hang him with his hands up. This gives access to the entire body and the spanking can, and will be rougher.

Any real, good spanking has to combine erotic pleasure with pain, this being actually the erotic trigger the spankee needs to get aroused. According to the partner a dominatrix may start slow with a short session of rubbing the sexy, round ass in front of her or may start in full speed by producing pain from the first strike.

As a psychological aspect, a man getting spanked needs an authoritarian woman figure in his life which he often associates with the mother or grandmother that was very severe with him during his youth. This makes him want to feel like a little boy again sitting on his mamma lap and getting a good ass spanking. There is also the discipline spanking which is a very rough spanking administered by the woman with different objects like a whip or even a paddle. This type of spanking leaves marks and inflicts a lot of pain but it is very popular among men with a lot of responsibilities.

A good spanking session doesn’t usually have to end with a sex round but it is highly recommended so both partners can enjoy the sweet sexual release.