Tattoo Fetish

Tattoos are a very ancient art which was practiced by people living in caves or organized in tribes. Back then usually the men got to wear tattoos that showed their social status in the community. The head tribes for example, had their entire body and face painted in ink. That’s why, tattooing is an old art that helped people over decades and centuries express their social status, sexuality and authority.

A tattoo fetish manifest trough a constant need of getting tattoos, all over your body. People that have this fetish love to feel the pain a tattoo needle provokes, they love the healing process and in the end they love how it looks on their skin. A person that is covered in tattoos and has this kind of fetish doesn’t need porn to masturbate or to get aroused, it only needs to think about tattoos or tattoo ink or look in the mirror at the ones he or she already has.

A female dominatrix could use a tattoo fetish to show her rough side, where she gets to dominate and be the badass girl all the time with every sexual partner she has. A hot female body with those feline forms, looks amazingly good covered in tattoos. She can get any man aroused and impressed only by getting undressed in front of him and showing those sexy tattoos.

Women are usually very attracted by tattooed guys and it can inspire a feeling of rebellion and bad boy with a bike in his possession. But women can also be extremely attracted by tattooed girls because they inspire the power the rough femininity represents. They are attracted by this source of power sometimes even without being conscious of that. A fully tattooed female body transmits sexuality and power and the fact that the one wearing them is actually very confident in her charm and she will make you submit to any kinky stuff she likes.

The really strong tattoo fetishes, in very extreme cases lead in the end to totally renouncing to sexual partners because the person having the fetish can’t get sexual arousing like this. The only way to obtain an orgasm is by getting a tattoo and this may determine these persons to feel like outsiders and socially unfitted. But these are the extreme cases, because usually a tattoo fetish leads to you having really sexy drawings all over your body.

We have to specify that today’s trends for tattoo fetishes put women in the spotlight. If in the old days men were the ones getting all the glory in tattoo world, these days women seem to have a pretty strong tattoo fetish. Even as young girls and as adult women they love to get their body covered in tattoos that have certain meanings. They want to show their sexuality, power and independence by putting on their skin symbolic texts and signs, artistic drawings and amazing full body tattoos.

There are a few standard tattoos which are very popular on a girl’s body and are named after the position they have on the body. For example the tramp stamp tattoo which is situated on the lower part of the back in the middle, really close to the place where the butt checks begin. This is a very sexy tattoo and in the old times it was a way of marking the women who offered their sexual services for money. These days is just a very arousing tattoo on a hot girls’ body.

A red flower tattooed on your left shoulder could mean that you were in prison. Actually that is how the death row inmates were marked so in the case they’d escape, people could recognize them and turn them in.

Also the shape of the tattoo transmits a lot about the person wearing them. As an example, a romantic woman would prefer an artistic flower but a dominatrix would prefer something more obvious like a skull or a lion’s head. Most femdom women love to have a wings tattoo on their back, making them resemble the image of death angels, rough and extremely sexy.