Pee Fetish

Pee fetish has different names in science as it has been studied since it was discovered as fetishism. It is probably one of the oldest known fetishes in the world and it manifests as an affinity transmitted through sexual excitement at the sight or thought of urine or urination. Sometimes the fetish is so powerful that the man feels the need to take course on one of these action, this being the only way he would be able to get arousal.

This fetish has multiple forms of manifestation like feeling sexual arousal while watching another person wetting his or hers underwear or pants or even wetting their bed. Other forms may manifest by obtaining sexual arousal from smelling urine soaked clothing or different body parts that have been touched by it. Usually, there is a strong connection between feeling the smell of urine and actually watching a person peeing in front of the person having this strong fetish. This leads to a very intense sexual act.

The origins come again from the intense need men have to be dominated and this is one of the clearest forms of humiliation and domination. By asking a woman to dominate you in this fetish, you recognize her supreme domination over you and she has complete control over you mind and body. This is actually one of the most appreciated form of domination that sexy female dominatrix love to practice. It guarantees a submissive man that is ready to do any kinkiness in order to get some sexual satisfaction from his fetish.

Pee fetish is usually confused or combined with the sexual arousal you get from having a full bladder or from watching someone going through the pain of controlling a full bladder. This really has a sadomasochistic inclination.

Urolagnia or pee fetish has a few variations from the initial fetish. This way, the most common ones are desperation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, clothes wetting and pussing.

Desperation is obtaining sexual arousal from holding your urine until the moment you really have to go. This offers you the release and satisfaction of emptying a full bladder that most of us feel in such cases. Also a person with this fetish could get arousal from making another person hold until it is urgent or just by watching a person that really has to go.

Voyeurism is watching a person urinate without that person knowing that or even catching on tape people urinating without them being aware of that. Also lurking around public places where people usually feel comfortable to urinate in public like a forest or a bush.

Exhibitionism is the need of practicing pee fetish in front of other people or wetting yourself in a public place like a mall or a shopping center with the intention to be seen by as many people as possible.

Clothes getting moist is also a way of changing or increasing the level of excitement. This offers a relaxation sensation and very intense sexual arousal to people practicing it.

And finally pussing, is the expression used for a couple where the man watches the woman urinate with her consent in a semi-public place like a toilet in a restaurant, a cinema, a pub, etc.

Over time there were very important figures of our history that were recognized urophiliacs. Of course they tried to hide at the time but such fetish doesn’t remain unnoticed.