Tease and Denial Fetish

Tease and denial which is also called the orgasm denial or T&D is a term used to define any sexual practice that leads to arousing a person close to climax and then reduce the genitals’ stimulation or even stop, without offering the final satisfaction, the orgasm. This will make the aroused person (also called the passive partner) to really feel the sexual tension and when the orgasm actually happens is going to be extremely intense.

Tease and denial is a very common practice in BDSM life style where the woman brings her partner to the edge of the orgasm and then stops. Usually this continues with several rounds of tease and denial until the partner gets to orgasm without this being actually produced. Sexual frustration and blue balls are the secondary effects of this sexual practice.

This fetish appeared from the need to feel the sexual experience in a more intense way combined with the need of dominating your sexual partner to the maximum. A hot dominatrix will apply tease and denial to her partners in order to show them that they are at her mercy. She is the only one who can offer them pleasure and she is the one to decide when they will have that sweet sexual relief.

The passive partner has a very strong need of being dominated by powerful, sexy women, who control his sexual life and humiliate him, in order to get aroused and have an orgasm. This may have deep connections with a very authoritarian female figure from his childhood and this brings up the need of being sexually dominated in order to be able to cum.

Also repeated sessions of this practice may lead to ruined orgasm where the partner doesn’t feel as much pleasure as it would in the case the sexual stimulation would have continued. This causes strong sexual frustration to the person that is applied to. The femdom usually lets her partner believe that he is about to have orgasm and quits exactly when it is about to happen which brings him in the submissive and easy to control position, in full respect for his dominatrix.

The main purpose of tease denial or orgasm denial is to prolong the amazing and powerful sexual experience that happens during the final relief also known as the orgasm. Being kept for a long time in such a highly excited state will induce a very pleasurable and almost euphoric state to the partner that the practice is applied to. In the case of the hot female dominatrix and her partner, this could offer her satisfaction by watching him going through this state of high euphoria. When this passes the partner is very thankful for being allowed to have that sweet relief and he is again very submissive and easy to control.

Physical restrains are very often used in this sexual practice in order to prevent orgasm. For example, the passive partner is tied up using hand cuffs or scarfs and sometimes even a special belt is applied. The belt has some sort of spikes inside so if the man gets aroused and his penis starts to rise, the orgasms will be blocked by them. For teasing, the dominatrix ties her partners up and puts the belts on them and then starts to dance, as hot as possible in front of them. Then she masturbates in front of them in order to produce even bigger arousal but she won’t let them have the final orgasm until she is fully satisfied by their struggle.

A very powerful female dominatrix may look at her partner’s blue balls as at a personal victory and charm and this way she acknowledges her power over her partner. She won’t let him cum until she is fully satisfied by how submissive and respectful he is. These blue balls are a real trophy and she is not yet prepared to let them go.

This practice can also be used to augment vanilla sex relationships where the couple is doing only standard sex, with no spice added. In time this can ruin the relationship so that’s why some tease and denial is recommended. The couple gets to rediscover the pleasure of sex and role-play by changing places between the passive and active partner.