Stockings Fetish

This fetish is included in the fashion fetishes where people are extremely attracted by the way their sex partners dresses and acts. The sexual arousal appears from imagining the person in front of you as being the actual characters she or he is impersonating by wearing the clothes. If we are talking about stockings fetish, we can give as an example the situation when the woman wearing stockings is preferred in front of a woman not wearing stockings. The person that has this type of fetish feels the need to touch, kiss and feel the texture of the stockings on a woman’s legs in order to get sexually aroused.

The history doesn’t really specify when this type of fetish really appeared for the first time but it is believed that the fashion fetish (which includes stockings fetish) appeared somewhere in the 18th century, when such fine items of clothing like stockings were very hard to reach. They were a symbol of richness and finesse and the woman wearing them had to be very high on the social scale.

The sexual attraction in the stocking fetishism may appear either from the look or feel of the material, which could be either sheer nylon or silk, or from the use of a garter belt, and the act of the woman donning or removing stockings. Nowadays, a female dominatrix wearing fine stockings and high heeled boots would reassure in front of her public that she is indeed the one doing the domination. High heels are usually the ones that enhance the woman's domination and they usually are completed by a whip or a riding crop.

Stocking fetishism doesn’t always include watching, touching and feeling a woman’s body dressed in stockings, it also involves the person wearing the stockings itself under the usual day outfit or collecting the worn stockings after a sex round in order to use them later as a sexual arousal for masturbation.

Apparently stockings fetish is one of the most popular in the entire world and people love to practice it. It makes them feel kinky and naughty and they can practice it in public in day light. The need of touching and feeling the fine fabric of the stockings or admiring them on a woman may come from the psychological need of feeling special or dominating (or be dominated) by the persons that they consider more special than themselves.

The people that enjoy this type of fetish can also be divided and categorized by the types of stockings they like to touch and feel. For example there are people that prefer fishnet stockings, or people more attracted by luxury stockings or garters. All these types of stockings are used by women who want to be sexy and they transmit a strong, independent, kinky sexuality. That is why they are very spread and used in the pornography industry and by our mistresses and dominatrix.

Our mistresses will love to wear in front of you the kind of stockings you enjoy and they will let you feel the fine, silky fabric on your skin just like you really like it to be. There is no way anyone will be judged in our community because such a fetish, but really you will be appreciated and all your stockings fantasies will be fulfilled. If you are the type that loves to be dominated by a hot woman with fishnet stockings and leather high heel boots then the place to be is here. Our dominatrix will be very attentive and careful with your fetishes.

There are people that feel extremely uncomfortable with their stocking fetish because of their partner. They feel like outcasts because they didn’t find the partner to understand this type of fetish but, out there is a world filled with people that have a pretty serious fetish so there is no way a person couldn’t find a suited partner. Stocking fetish could be completed by a feet fetish or by other type of fashion fetish, like silky underwear. The new trends in stockings though are going for fishnet stockings in collaboration with leather clothing. This is really a lethal combination.