Financial Fetish

Although this fetish is often misunderstood by people outside of it, in general it can be interpreted as the relation between a submissive person or a slave and a dominant figure, a mistress who will receive gifts or money from the slave, without giving anything in return.

This fetish, in its real form can be a form of power exchange also, the submissive part feeling excitement and arousal when being dominated by a mistress in exchange of money. The lack of power and the thought of giving out money makes the slave feel this excitement even days after this experience is finished.

It's a common practice to have a mistress as the dominant figure while the giver is a male. This fetish puts the woman on a pedestal and makes her superior, as in any femdom practice. The payment received by the mistress is called a tribute and the sum of money can go from a small one at the first encounter to very large one after the participants establish a relationship. This type of relationship is not of a sexual nature, financial domination being all about the desire of a person towards another person which is unobtainable and seen as superior. Most of the slaves crave for domination, desiring a superior person to take charge and dictate every step of their existence. For this, they can give almost everything they have to the mistress, in attempt to make her life easier and fulfilling. This gives them the rush and the accomplishment feeling that they need, knowing that their idolized woman has an extravagant life thanks to them.

These relationships are not putted into practice face to face, the cases where a slave meets his mistress are very rare, everything taking place in other environments, such as online chat, e-mail or even phone chat. There are rare cases when a dominating figure will meet her submissive in person and not even then will mistress engage in sexual games, because the slaves are seen as unworthy.

Because this is a voluntary practice, no one is pushed into this fetish and in each case the mistress should understand the financial situation of the submissive person. It's not uncommon to see slaves not being able to provide what they feel is necessary to keep the dominant female satisfied so they resort to selling their goods in order to round up their income and provide further tribute. Sometimes this lead to bankruptcy but the mistress cannot be held responsible. For outsiders, this might look as a scam, but they should understand that this is a totally voluntary practice and no one will engage in this if they don't want to.

All financial slaves or submissive see this as a part of who they are and do not treat this as a hobby or a job. If they aren't paying their tribute to a superior woman they feel lost. This type of BDSM relationship is very different than other fetishes because there is a big contrast between how the slave and the mistress live within this fetish. It's clearly about totally opposite ways, since the female receives everything she desires while the submissive must give up almost everything he has to make that happening.

There are two types of mistresses in financial domination fetish, the ones who have as a purpose to ruin the slaves and the others who proceed with care and conserve the slave's holdings, knowing that a completely ruined slave is useless. Truth is that slaves only have fantasies about being ruined by beautiful and powerful women and there are rare cases when this comes to reality. People who are into this fetish crave for a certain amount of humiliation and exploitation, some fantasize about being ruined to their bone while others have the need to spoil and fill their mistress with gifts.

This fetish is very dynamic and must be understood completely by those who want to join in. As there are so many weird sexual forms out there, no one has the right to judge another's means of making itself excited and aroused. Probably this one is harder to be seen as "natural" because it involves money with nothing in exchange.