Foot Fetish

Foot fetishism is a accentuated sexual interest in feet. It is one of the most common sexual fetishes for body parts, otherwise non-sexual. The main attraction can be found in the size and shape of the foot or toes, their color from pedicure, jewelry, foot wear, smell or any form of sensory interaction. This is the most common sexual fetish related to the body and normally it associated with male sexuality, but women also manifest a big sexual interest in this, although the object would be different.

Both men and women with a real foot fetish won't find any ways of get aroused except focusing on their partner's feet, no matter the size, form or aspect. There are those who have partially attraction towards feet and their interest is represented by the perfection of these body parts, the line up of the toes or some other physical aspect which make them be outside of the ordinary.

At a first impression, this fetish seems to be appealing just for men. However, the truth can be found digging a little further since many women have a foot fetish, even if it's a partial one. Feet can be defined as an obsession and the association between feet and shoes also has an appeal to lots of people.

The toe fetish is the most popular part of foot fetishism. Toe sucking, giving or receiving, is an enjoyable experience and often it represents the complete sexual act. Polished toes (red being a very favored color) hold the power to drive a foot lover madly aroused. Niches have been formed for different toe pedicures, long toenails uniquely polished, colored toenails, smelly toes.

Foot fetish has been proven a very useful practice in the case of mistress-slave relationships, where the mistress makes her slave lick her toenails and worship her feet. It's also a mean of sexual torture, giving the submissive the possibility to enjoy her feet but only after a prolonged session of denying his lust for them. In a relationship of this nature, the submissive will receive both punishment and rewards from the feet of the mistress. As forms of punishment, trampling or kicking can be involved, verbal abuse or even slight spanking using a leather whip. The reward consists in letting the slave worship the feet with kissing, sniffing of sucking.

Foot domination is extremely sexy, because in a previously male dominated society where females were the submissive ones, and receiving a sexual or maternal role, isn't a turn of tables refreshing? Almost all men find dominating women to be sexy and arousing and just by stepping into the world of female dominating figure gives new endless opportunities. Even if the foot domination can swing in any way regarding the gender, the male wants to be the submissive in the relationship. This might also be because the orders received, the punishments and the rewards are pleasant. The psychological power play makes this whole foot domination fetish more fascinating.

In creative terms, the trend still favors the asian mistresses, since these women know the best in how to combine the domineering with the foot fetish and bring a whole package to the game table. Dominating by trampling on her submissive can bring out the kinkiness in both involved parties. Also, for the slave, being dominated with the object of his obsession can produce a powerful mixture between the psychological aspect of being defeated and the emotional state of euphoria. The aspect of power transformed with creativity into a sex play which takes no rules of the ordinary into account makes foot fetish more captivating and desired amongst many.

Large communities can be found online also and even dating sites, providing means of meeting other foot fetishist willing to share their passion and attraction for feet. In essence, the true meaning of a foot fetish means to escape the realism and remove the normal from your life from time to time, allowing your body to follow its cravings and your mind to wonder free. There are millions of foot lovers gathered in online forums and communities and slowly, this kinky habit seems to become even more popular as it has been included in the world of femdom for a while, with a huge success.