Uniform Fetish

Uniform fetish is a clothing fetish which is actually very popular in the entire world. It probably appeared since we started to assume certain types of clothing to certain authority figures we are attracted to by our nature. Some people feel very attracted and aroused by other people wearing a specific type of uniform or they also can get aroused if they are the ones wearing the uniform. Wearing the outfit also implies a role-play, meaning that the one wearing it has to get into character and assume the role.

Most of all, the uniform fetishism is connected to our need of letting ourselves to be dominated by a certain figure or to dominate someone during role-playing sex games. There a few standard uniforms that imply certain feelings that will lead to extreme arousal and sexual satisfaction. For example, one of the most common and well known uniform fetishism is a stripper dressed as a police officer, invited to dance at a bachelor party or anniversary. He usually dances in front of horny girls and he is the masculine, very handsome and naughty police man that catches that manages to make girls wet and still "save" the situation.

Another well-known example are girl strippers dressed as slutty nurses invited to dance for the one that is about to get married. The sexy girls in very short skirts and blouses that reveal their huge, round, sexy breasts come and check the celebrated guy’s body for any illness.

A large amount of arousal is given by the cosplay and by what the uniforms represent for each one of them. The most known types of uniform are the ones that really transmit certain sexual vibes, like asian teen girls dominated in their class room.

A very strong and popular uniform fetish is the Asian schoolgirl character. A sexy girl dressed as an innocent schoolgirl, with a short skirt and that white blouse is the dream of any man. They transmit innocence and naughtiness at the same time and help the woman project a youthful, virginal image. The man gets to play the role of the authoritative adult while the woman has to be submissive and playful, ready to get naughty at any time he wants her to.

Another school uniform very appealing to men is the cheerleader uniform which allows them to dominate the type of girls they were very attracted to in high school. In the role-play the girls have to be submissive and let themselves be sexually dominated by their partners. The man can also play the role of the cheerleader if he likes to be sexually dominated by his partner. The role-play can be very naughty and arousing by adding spanking and corporal punishments which will increase the arousal.

The French maid uniform is also very popular in role-play games. The uniform in this case suggests that the one wearing it is somehow lower on the social scale than the partner. This comes from the real situation when the sexy, young and poor maid eventually defers to her wealthy and strong master’s sexual advances and lets him do all sorts of sexual naughtiness with her. The role-play may come with performing humiliation and total submission to the partner.

The schoolgirl uniform, the cheerleader uniform and the French maid uniform are usually roles assumed by women. Is actually the men who prefer to have a young, submissive and naughty girl in their bed from time to time and this is the way they get to fulfill that fantasy.

Women usually prefer stronger figures, masculinity and a rough uniform. They are very aroused and their blood starts to get hotter when they see a police officer uniform or a soldier uniform. The military uniform is actually one of the most effective in getting a woman to reach climax.

The roughness inspired by Nazi uniforms or SS officer is extremely impressive and arousing. That’s why parts of these uniforms have been widely adopted and fetishized by gay couples and BDSM lifestyle groups. Leather boots, the peaked cap, gloves and others are usually a standard wear for female dominatrix or male dominant. A hot guy dressed as a pilot, for example, is many women’s fantasy because he gets in touch with danger every day and he faces it with a smile on his lips every time.