Humiliation Fetish

Erotic humiliation, regarded as a fetish, is the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context where the relationship between two parts consist in getting arousal and erotic excitement by being humiliated or humiliating another. Humiliation can be done (although it's not a must) by using sexual objects and stimulation.

There are many types of humiliation practices but not all of them are sexual itself, fetishists enjoying these practices search for the feelings given by humiliation. They can always combine it with many other sexual activities. There is a slight difference between dominance and humiliation though, because for example, in an activity like spanking, the humiliation comes from the effect while the activity itself it's just the means to the end. The submissive doesn't necessarily seek to receive orders from the mistress, but there are many humiliation methods that are desired for dominance based activities.

Verbal humiliation can come in many forms. Calling the submissive with different names of animals will have to be followed by a behavior related to that animal. Verbal abuse and degrading names, racial and ethnic insults, verbal belittlement, can all be used in verbal humiliation. There's also slighting of body and behavior, subjecting small breasts or small penis to derision, requirement for permission on everyday activities (going to toilet, spending money), repetition of given orders or commands, flattery (bragging the mistress and agreeing that everything she says is wise, correct).

Physical humiliation is as colorful as the verbal one, if not even more. Usually, the slave or submissive person is the subject to either having to carry different sexual tasks, such as erotic massage, cunnilingus, analingus or fellatio, either being abused in public or private scenarios. Ejaculating, spitting or urinating on the submissive's body denotes the grade of unworthiness assigned to the submissive.

Humiliation can also take the form of a domestic couple's life, in which one part dominates the other's activities and decisions. Specific rituals and actions must be taken, such as the slave displaying subservience, worshiping her body to express acknowledgement, deprivation of privacy. Discipline is also a form of humiliation and includes slapping, spanking, restraint, torture, whipping. Dresscode is used to humiliate the submissive, making them to wear only some clothing articles or cross-dressing. Erotic sexual denial by using a chastity belt or other means which prevent the submissive's genitals to "manifest".

Public humiliation is one of the most extreme forms of humiliation. In this case, the submissive is subject to many methods of provoking shame in front of the friends, family or complete strangers. Under the judging eyes around, the slave has to recognize his mistress's power and dominance over him by being spanked, sexually abused, verbally abused and being involved in short session of body worship (kissing or licking the mistress's feet, shoes, ass, anus, vagina, jewelry or sexual instruments that she holds).

There are more examples of humiliation such as objectification (using the submissive as a furniture piece), making him embarrassed, anal sex with sex toys and other objects. An interest fact is that all these activities provoke pleasure to the submissive, thus he might reach the margins of an orgasm. He will have to ask permission from his mistress to climax.

Humiliation is somehow similar to pain, because it stimulates the same brain region and with any form of pain experimentation in a sexual manner, there must be a high degree of consent and awareness to ensure that the result is not abusive and pleases both parties. Like all sexual activities, humiliation becomes the subject of fantasies for some and a lifestyle or a scene for others.

Like all fetishes, humiliation finds its place on the internet and it translates trough the desire to be seen in a sexually embarrassing situation, either in photos, videos or even in live webcam shows, detailing personal information on a public blog, being abused verbally by others, showing their other fetishes, paying tribute to the mistress (financial fetish), making the mistress's work, accomplishing repetitive assignments. As the dominant figure, a mistress can have the submissive do all the above either publicly, either in private and afterward just watch him or her doing it. Also, the mistress has the power to play with the submissive's online social life by changing his statuses, making him to post pictures online.