Pain Fetish

The pain fetish is as the name describes that fetish where a person obtains sexual pleasure and stimulation from physical pain which pretty often includes the erogenous zones of the person to whom the pain is inflicted.

The algolagnia as the pain fetish is named by the scientists (from the Greek words agnus and lagnia, which basically means lust through pain) is being studied ever since the 1890’s and the findings were pretty surprising. Apparently there are differences between the brains of those who enjoy this type of fetish and other people, their pain nervous center responds by producing sexual stimulation and pleasure, which explains why they love to be submissive and subdued to different painful treatments.

It appears that people having this type of fetish are able to leave a normal life and have normal sexual relationships, they don’t really need the sexual pain stimulation to get aroused but once this is produced they can’t be hold responsible for their actions. The sexual response is incredibly strong and in time this becomes a very urging need. Pain fetishists usually get involved in one person dominated relationships or seek a dominatrix to help them feel the incredible sexual pleasure that only pain can offer them.

As a difference from many other fetishes which appear since childhood when the person is subdued by an authoritarian figure and needs to explore the need of dominating or being dominated, the pain fetish is something a person gets born with. It’s not a direct response to the need of being dominated but this is the only way they get to obtain the sweet sexual release they long for.

A form of manifestation of this fetish is a hot dominatrix using a whip on one of her partners. He is aroused by being whipped and sometimes he really does that to himself because the sexual response to self-inflicted pain is amazing. As it seems the whipping and the pain associated with sexual pleasure go way back in history and we can see this in different work arts the Romans and ancient Greeks left us. Because these practices were considered to be violent, cruel and perverse, the history of pain fetish really remains hidden to many of us but that is no issue, people practicing it continued to exist no matter what.

The book of Kamasutra is more generous and offers us advice on different practices in pain fetishes at the time. For example there are described scenes of biting, scratching and slapping the genital organs applied by really sexy dominatrix to men. However the society evolved and people having such a fetish gathered and formed a subculture where they could enjoy their sexual pleasure safely. The practices somehow overlaps with BDSM practices where inflicting certain amount of pain is used to provoke humiliation and submission but here we are talking about pure sexual pleasure, there is no humiliation practice involved. There are strict rules so anyone gets out of the experience with a pleasant feeling and not with injuries.

The pain could be inflicted by many other practices like beating (in a non-violent way), using different toys like nipple clamps and others to inflict local pain on the erogenous zones and the use of any other objects that can inflict pain in a sexual manner.

Still a pain fetish could ruin a relationship if both partners are not into it. If one of the partners asks to be hit and the other one feels terribly guilty for doing such a gesture you can be sure that this relationship won’t stand. This is a fetish that is harder to understand and to apply if the person applying it was not into dominatrix or pain related fetishes. That’s why a dominant figure has to be always around a person with a strong pain fetish. There is nothing sweeter, as a man, than having sexual pleasure produced buy a sexy dominatrix dressed all in leather and wearing high heels and a whip.