Messy Fetish

Wet and messy fetish that is also known by the acronym WAM is a form of increasing sexual pleasure or obtaining sexual arousal when fluid substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin, predominantly the face, or to the clothes people are wearing. This form of fetishism is also known as sploshing because the fluids are applied to the naked body in a splash in order to make the scene as messy as possible.

WAM femdom splashing scenes are very appreciated by many men even if they don’t have this type of fetish, especially if the fluids used to make it a mess are delicious and appealing like whipped cream, mud, shaving foam, custard, baked beans, ketchup, ice cream, pudding, chocolate sauce, peanut butter, Japanese-style lotion, paint, oil or gunge/slime, cake batter etc. This fetish can also be practiced at parties when the dominatrix is sited on a cake and then she makes all her subjects to lick from her body the sweet, delicious substances.

This fetish may be considered to be one of the most accepted by society and the most present on the Internet on websites that usually don’t accept explicit sexual content. This happens because many times a splosh doesn’t include nudity, the fluids being thrown over a person’s clothes.

Still, we have to talk about WAM in full nudity and we can think of only one example: two dominatrix females fighting on a mud scene, in very summary clothing like a bra and a thong. This scene has a very high sexual load because it involves two very hot and powerful women. They get to fight like two wild beauties and the audience is going to be really impressed because their sexy body forms are going to be enhanced by the substances surrounding them.

In couples, the wet and messy fetish is usually manifested by the use of whipped cream and chocolate spread over both partner bodies and then they lick each other in order to increase sexual pleasure. This is actually a very common practice in young couples and on couples looking to spice things up. This way they have the possibility to reignite the flame of their past love and make everything as hot as it was in the beginning.

The pleasure in such a fetish could be brought by the simple sight of fluids assumed to be delicious on a delicious body and the immediate tendency to go and lick that clean. Also the person that is being splashed with fluids may enjoy the way these fluids feel against the naked skin. For example whipped cream feels creamy and hydrating and invites the partner to come and lick it right off.

Usually young girls engage in wet and messy parties when they throw with food and pies to each other and mess every item of clothing they got. They don’t care if they ruin their prom dresses; all they care about is having a messy and wet party where they get to have a lot of fun. Of course that after a while they will undress and remain only in their thongs and bras and the party will continue with alcohol and beer throwing and wetting the girls completely. After such fun activity everybody is horny and this could continue in a very nice way. That’s why people that don’t practice this kind of fetish in the bedroom with their life partner, they use to practice it at parties. Also wrestling in slippery stuffs is a very popular sport among young and adult people. This is more than a fetish it is actually a real fun activity to do in your spear time. The sexual arousal is truly guaranteed and no one could really blame you for liking hot girls covered in delicious stuffs.

People with such a fetish could really consider very lucky because there is no man or woman in this world going to be negative because they are having fun by covering themselves and their partners in delicious and messy substances. It is really fun and sexy at the same time and I think everybody should try it at least once in their life!