Smoking Fetish

Watching a person smoking can be a really arousing activity for some people. That is how the smoking fetish appeared, a fetish which is also known as capnolagnia. It appears that this fetish has its deep roots from early childhood and the main causes vary from person to person.

History and studies have shown us that men are more attracted by this type of fetish because of their oral fixation and the pleasure of blow jobs than by the smell and taste of the cigarettes. The simple gesture of a woman putting a cigarette between her lips is associated to the image of inserting a penis in her mouth. Women appreciate more the taste and the smell than any other oral fixations.

Which are the satisfactions such a fetish can bring? Well apparently, and we are talking about women here, the smoker is viewed as an innocent girl in her youth or early stages of adulthood when she becomes a real badass. Watching a young sexy girl, taking a deep smoke from a cigarette could be as arousing for some people as a blow job is to others.

Many men having this fetish are strongly attracted to the sweet and glamorous aspect of a woman smoking, this transforming her into a bold personality because smoking has been associated to men for centuries. At first a woman smoking was outrageous but in time it become a very sexy habit and in the end, a fetish. Once the fashion for women developed, the image of a woman smoking has been transformed into a brand representing a sexy, powerful, independent woman which was highly marketed until the anti-smoking campaigns started to appear.

Another aspect of this fetish is watching a sexy, beautiful woman smoking and letting the smoke slowly pour from her mouth and nostrils. Why this action provokes pleasure wasn’t yet discovered but apparently it brings a strong arousal to the person doing the watching.

For a smoking fetish video to be arousing there is no need for the woman to be naked in the video. All it does matter are the attitude, the look, the types of cigarettes being smoked (the slim, long ones suggest femininity and enhanced sexuality), the manner of smoking. Smoking can really be transformed into a sexual art by a strong woman who is conscious by her power when she takes a cigarette between her lips.

Smoking fetish is often used in BDSM practices being a real turn on when the dominatrix that smokes a cigarette blows the smoke in the face of her submissive partner or uses his body as an ashtray. This way she humiliates her partner by blowing smoke in his face and provokes him suffer by burning his skin with the lit cigarette. This is in the case of the partners that enjoy humiliation; in masochist’s case they just enjoy to feel the smoke in their face and to smell smoke coming out their partner’s lungs.

The smoking fetish also could be about the types of cigarettes a woman smokes in front of her aroused partner. Depending on the childhood experience with cigarettes a person could be more connected to a certain type of cigarettes or a certain brand and this will help him or her get sexual satisfaction. Nothing else would work, no other types of cigarettes would make that person be aroused in the presence of a sexy smoker. It all comes from our psychic and there is no way we can change this. But we shouldn’t want to do this. All we have to do, I talk here about people with different types of fetishes is to find a place and a partner who and where we are comfortable with and simply explore what the nature had offered us: another way of seeing the world and a different way of experiencing our sexuality.