Latex Fetish

This particular fetish represent the attraction to people wearing latex clothing or even to the clothing itself. This can be explained trough the fact that the garment forms a second skin which is perceived as a surrogate for the skin of the one who's wearing it. For the fetishist this will give him the impression that he is naked or his body is covered in a thin layer of paint.

The tightness of the latex can be considered a form of bondage, the smell brings arousal for the fetishists and usually, the garments are impregnated with chemicals to enhance the smell. Latex fetish is a form of exhibitionism in its meanings, but one which permits the rubberiest to imagine itself getting a new identity which allows him to behave different.

The main way of displaying the latex fetishism is to dress up in this material or to watch other wearing it and fantasize about them. Another side of this fetish is the image of a mistress or a dominant female wearing a tight latex suit, usually a cat one in black.

A turn on is also given by wearing different articles of clothing made from latex or duplicating all kinds of daily clothing pieces from latex. The later one is made easily by the many sellers of such type of clothing on auction sites and even on normal stores, since in the last years, this material has become a part of you people's fashion and it can be found in pants, skirts and jackets.

A very appreciated coincidence is that many sex toys such as dildos, butt plugs, sex dolls or stimulating vaginas are made from rubber or very similar materials for hygienic reasons. This is an important factor in rubber fetishism. Latex is appealing in all its forms for the ones who laid their eyes on it. The idea of watching someone dressed in latex or using rubber toys to satisfy themselves can bring high levels of arousal and excitement.

Latex fetish is really present in media, stores and other forms of visual stimulation. Because its origins started before the 40s and by the 60s and 70s the latex products were already sold in sex stores. Movies already had beautiful women in tight latex clothes, increasing its provocative and sensual attraction. The latex clothing does not require any special performing in the movies, so it's quite easy.

People who love to wear latex are also into bondage, leather and BDSM. The most kinky and also common form of latex-wearing-bondage-sex-scenery is the dominatrix (mistress) wearing this costume as she punishes or humiliates her slave, or the submissive wearing a latex suit and a latex mask while the mistress applies corporal punishments using sex toys (whips, spanking wires).

In commercial terms, latex is a very good income bringer, a pretty big industry already existing and producing special rubber or latex fetish clothing for the enthusiasts. For the ones who are too shy to visit a sex shop and get their desired latex garments, there are many options on online stores. There are many colors, styles and designs, even though in the top preferences, red and black can't be beaten.

Because latex it's so much present in media, aside from porn movies, even the most innocent websites can drive these fetishists crazy. A lot of film producers choose latex to enhance the looks of the actors, making from this a great costume not only for the privacy of bedroom, the fun of a mistress-slave session but also for the movies.

Catching up, two very similar materials are starting to have the same popularity amongst the latex lovers. PVC and Vinyl are shiny materials normally used for raincoats and Hazmat suits or any other protective clothing, but starting at the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, these two also became sex materials for the latex fetishists.

The dominating mistress latex cat suit still remains the most popular one, being used even in well known movies. Without any doubt, all latex fetishists will think of an asian mistress dressed in a black or red cat suit, punishing her slave with a leather whip while he stays still, bonded and waiting for more.