Toys Fetish

Toys represent one of the most used objects in sexual relationships. They help you tease your partner and let you enjoy a longer, better sexual act. You can use them alone in your own private space where you feel comfortable or in couple as a starter for a great sex round.

Sex toys were used even in antiquity, by the earlier human beings to enhance the sexual act or to masturbate with an object that resembled the human genitals. There were findings of early feminine shapes carved in stone (rudimentary of course) and other sexual objects so we can say that sexual pleasure was an issue even from ancient times. Apparently these primitive objects were used by those men who couldn’t get a woman to have sex with them. The rule back then was that only the dominant male gets to have sex with all the tribe women. So the toys were used as a substitute.

These days the toys fetishism is very popular and many people practice it. The toys that are most in trends are the ones imitating the human genitals close to perfection. For example, girls love to play with sex toys imitating a penis even if they have a real partner. Usually they love it when their partner is playing on them with those toys. They are very good for starting things up and arousing the clitoris area and the vagina.

Usually women love to play with dildos and vibrators when they are alone, so they can use them exactly the way they want. The vibrating toys are preferred because they last longer and this usually leads to several orgasms in a row. A sex partner would have to be really fit to do this. Also a sexy girl, playing in front of her partner with a sex toy and getting all wet and horny is very arousing image for men so it’s in the use of both partners.

Femdom usually love to use different sex toys like handcuffs and bondage swings or they love to restrain and dominate their partners using ropes, ball gags, corsets with strap on, nipple toys or anal toys. They get to play the role of the dominatrix mistress who determines her partner to accept all sorts of sexual naughty practices like anal penetration using a huge strap on.

Also in the spirit of incendiary sex rounds a couple could use a sex swing, for a better penetration and feeling. The toy fetish somehow interlays with BDSM practices, this sex life style using many sex toys for submission and humiliation of the partners.

Female dominatrix are usually the ones that love to do the dominating job and they will let you hang in a pair of fluffy handcuffs while they use in front of you a huge vibrator. There is nothing more exciting than a woman that knows what she wants and how to obtain that sexual pleasure she longs for.

There is another type of toys fetishism that uses actual toys and is usually practiced by young girls and women that get aroused by putting a strap-on on a teddy bear and using it as a sex toy. They are aroused by something familiar and it may start as a sex game but it really has profound psychological meanings. They need a transition object to get aroused and feel comfortable with the idea of sex and adult erotic games. Of course there are girls that do this as a fun and naughty way to have sex. Many girls love to do this in front of a webcam as their boyfriend is watching. It makes them feel naughty and dirty and they reach climax really fast and intense.

Sex toys and other types of objects used as toys to increase the sexual experience are used increasingly more nowadays and sometimes, for single women, they are the best sex aids they can get. In some countries they are banned from being sold and used but they are very popular all over the world and much recommended in obtaining the best you can get when having sex.