Extreme Fetish

It's been a while since normal sex doesn't really represents a point of interest and people search new ways of satisfying their sexual desires. Amongst many fetishes you can find the "extreme" one, which basically means sex involving torture, abuse and humiliation.

This fetish has the effect of arousal of the involved participants, either from the situation itself, either from the used objects or in most cases from both. The pleasure comes from the impossibility to react or move too much when such actions occur and the main subject (most often a young girl or a woman) need to feel dominated and helpless.

The public humiliation fetish is one of the most extreme and unusual fetishes these days. It requires a good planning and it takes place in streets, bars, prison cells or wherever a large group of people can be present. The whole point to this fetish is that to subject a girl to different ways of sex tortures. This is done using sex toys, bondage or even means of electricity. The girl who is dominated tells others what they can do to her before this happens. She can choose to please one man while others watch and encourage him, a group of men or even women.

Another extreme fetish is hard bondage. The most kinkiest sex parties involving bondage are asian mistresses treated as sex slaves, tightly strapped in leather leashes and ropes, unable to move much and subjected to harsh ass slapping, deep throat blowjob, use of sex toys such as dildos or clit vibratos, face abuse from multiple partners, electroshock or even slight rounds of beating. Asian girls seem to enjoy this kind of treatment very much.

Punishment is another form of extreme fetish, where the person gets a hard beating while tied up or just sitting and taking it. There are many forms in which this fetish can come to life but the most frequent one is the teen schoolgirl punished with a hard long slapping on the ass. During this the punisher may choose to do some fingering also but the main activity remains the slapping until the butt cheeks are all red and almost bleeding. Spanking wires and wood pads are often used for this since the strength of the impact is bigger and it's easily to observe the reaction of the girls.

In the category of extreme fetishes, fisting has its place on the podium. It all begins with gentle touches in the private area but after a while and a lot of lubricant, the situation gets rough. At first the full palm is inserted, afterwards the fist and going forward the whole hand, as deep as it can fit. The anal fisting is even deeper, going all the way to the stomach. This is visible on the girl's belly and sometimes light forms of bondage must be involved. The most common fisting practice is girl on girl or girl on men, since female domination is considered to be a bigger turn on.

Slavery, even if at the beginning was a light form of fetish, is nowadays taken to wider borders, involving facial abuse, group sex and other forms. The subject is not always a single person taking all this. The kinky world of slavery often involves more individuals in bondage and leather suits, abused by their mistresses, whipped roughly all over their bodies (even in the genital area) and then having intercourse as the final act. Asian mistresses are the ones who choose the roughest forms of punishment for their slaves, giving a whole new meaning to the femdom sex game.

Since not long ago, a new form of extreme fetish started to take its place amongst the others and gathered more and more participants. It's pretty popular and the targets are almost always young girls who let themselves tied up in dark rooms, prison cells or right in the streets, or wherever they fantesise about it. A very popular trend is the one with the lonely asian girl finding herself on a desert street and having sex with multiple partners.