Medical Fetish

This fetishism refers not to a single, but to a gathering of sexual obsession for the medial environment, the objects used in such environment, different situations and practices.

For some, the obsession stops at medical uniforms, the doctor or the nurse, but for others things go further and the fantasies include intimate examinations (rectal, gynecological, urological, andrological), medical practices such as taking rectal temperature, catherization, massage, use of medical objects from the surgical to the dental ones.

Expressed in sexual activities, medical fetish assumes the roles of doctors taken by the partners. This can be more specific by different roles, such as the patient for one partner and nurse for the other. Medical fetish is a very exploited part of pornography.

Taking a few sides apart, we can see how each take place and how they are putted best into practice. Physical examination is an extremely exciting and arousing sex play practiced in domination. In the master-slave relation, the master assumes the role of the doctor, inflicting one or more embarrassing or humiliating procedures on the patient, the submissive one. Making use of medical objects in different states (frozen or over-heated), the submissive is stimulated with the sensations that occur during a real examination. Even if this might sound like not such a pleasant mean of arousal, for the submissive this represents a form of attention given by the mistress. Examination may include intrusion of the anus, rough handling of the genital parts, pinching or twisting the nipples. Using sex toys such as strap-on or butt-plugs is often involved to increase the feeling of domination. Bondage is also a useful way of making the submissive feel unpowered and allowing the master to do anything.

Anesthesia can also be a very consistent part of the medical fetish. There is a sexual attraction towards the medical equipment used in this, the procedures and substances and most of all, towards the effect, environment and the situation. The attraction might be on one of the side, such as the administer for the mistress or the patient for the submissive, or in most of the cases, sexual arousal comes to both of them assuming each part independently in the same context.

For the medical fetishists, medical sex toys have a certain appeal since they are associated more with the practice of medicine rather than with the sex play. They are used either for fun games or for painful games if they are taken into the BDSM world.

The most popular medical toys include: the Wartenberg wheel, which is a pin wheel with a handle, rolled up and down the body, Urethral sounds, intended to be used on men (submissive) by the mistresses and to provoke pain and pleasure simultaneously, Speculum, which can go either in the anus, either in the vagina, Intimate Douche (primarily used for cleansing), Breast Pumps, Glycerine Squirt, Torture Skin Roller, Medical Irrigators and even the trivial Stethoscope, which is more associated with a bedroom play. All these medical adult toys are intended for bringing pleasure or torture between consenting adults, in the domination games or as fashion accompaniments for costume parties (a nurse with a stethoscope for example).

Medical fetish can be divided amongst two groups of fetishists, the ones who put this sex play into life from their fantasies and view the medical field as a sexy zone (slutty nurse, the hot doctor) and the ones who make use of medical instruments and practice in domination fetishes. The first category doesn't necessarily categorize as fetishists but more as enthusiasts. The second category, strongly into BDSM, take medical field to another level and make use of it in the most kinkiest sexual plays and practices. The tortures and pleasures brought by a certain medical situation can be euphoric for a true medical fetishist, especially in the femdom games, where the submissive is tied up to a surgical table and subject to many types of investigations and procedures, not to mention the humiliation and total domination.

If at the beginnings of this fetish, only strictly medical suits and instruments were used, nowadays other types of fetishes are involved, such as leather suits, bondage, latex sex toys. This mixture assures a large number of "fans" all over the world and it means higher levels of pleasure and arousal.