Panty Fetish

As the name says it so clearly, panty fetishism is that action where a person obtains sexual arousal only by seeing or touching the item of clothing it discussion here: the panties. Some people have preferences to certain types of panties like thongs or full covered buttocks panties.

It is considered, by scientists, that the sexual arousement comes from panties direct contact with women’s genital organs. Scientists also consider that the panties fetish usually appears to young boys in their childhood or early adolescence. Young men, usually go through their mother’s drawers with underwear and steal their panties. They try them on and that gives them and erection which is continued with jerking off with them and then ejaculation right on the panties. As they get older they feel the need to do this even more and they reach a moment when they just can’t get aroused if they are not wearing women’s panties. At this point they need a mistress or a dominatrix to help them reach sexual satisfaction.

In society, such a fetish is not really well received or even understood because people see a creepy man and not a man with a special need in order to express his sexuality. But no one having a fetish should feel like this. A fetishist has to explore his sexuality and find the person that either has the same fetish or it is ready to understand his or her needs. But regarding panty fetish, this is one of the most common fetishes in the world and at a certain point we all are curious to wear someone else’s panties.

Even if we are tempted to assume that a panty fetish would be more suited to men, there are women who enjoy this fetish too. They usually steal their colleagues, sisters, moms or someone else that is closed underwear, after they have worn it and then put it on. This way they can get sexual pleasure when they think of the panties they are wearing.

There is also another form of this fetish, one that is a bit dirtier, when people like to sniff worn panties and sometimes lick them clean. The smell and the taste turn them on and that helps in the masturbation process.

You should know that panty fetishists that are men usually can be divided in two categories: the ones that are extremely shy and very aware of their fetish and the ones that are very out there and popular and practice their fetish in plain sight even without noticing. The shy ones are terrified by the idea that someone could find out their secret and then spread the word along to all the known people. They still don’t understand their sexuality and could be like this until they get older and wiser. This type of behavior where a man hides his real sexuality could lead to a frustrated person and an introverted personality. On the other side there is the popular type that likes to bang all the chicks he sees and at the end he keeps their underwear as a trophy. He uses these panties later to get sexual arousal and an erection by putting them on and ejaculating in them.

Both types of men need a sexy femdom to teach them the panty business and to show them how a real woman’s panties smell like. She would tie them up and dance around semi naked, wearing only a pair of panties that are wet where they touch her pussy. She enjoys subduing them so much that she gets wet instantly. A real dominatrix would teach these boys a lesson and would let them find out that the only thing they really like besides sniffing panties is being dominated by a real powerful woman who knows how to control men. This is the treatment that every panty fetishist would get no matter the preferences.