Shoes Fetish

Shoe fetishism is actually the inexplicable attraction to shoes and attributing footwear sexual qualities. It is very different from women’s need of having as many shoes as possible, which is also very present to very fashionable females. Shoe fetishism can be developed as an alternative or as a complement to a relationship with a partner of another sex or of the same sex.

Scientists have studied different groups of people from different places in the world and they concluded that foot fetish and shoe fetish are the most developed and spread ones in the world. They took into consideration multiple variables among which the number of groups devoted to a particular fetish, the number of individuals participating in the groups and the number of messages exchanged between groups. So we can conclude, even the history doesn’t say so that shoe fetish appeared when people started to look at fine footwear as an object of social status. In the old times, only the rich people, and more exactly the women coming from very good families got to wear sexy and clean shoes which could determine someone to develop an affinity for shoes. In time this affinity evolved with shoe fashion which started to market shoes as being sexy and conferring the wearer a certain social status and beauty.

Individuals could be attracted by either men or women footwear but usually elegant women shoes are the ones that present most interest. A hot dominatrix wearing a sexy high heel sandal or high heel leather boots will always make an extremely good impression in a shoe fetish group.

The shoe fetish even become a culture being presented in many movies or TV series, when man usually working in salesman shoes, got closer to women that used to buy many pair of sexy shoes. Sometimes they offered discounts in exchange of being allowed to watch them putting on the shoes. The simple action of a sexy woman putting on a pair of sexy shoes made them reach climax.

Shoe fetish is manifesting in different ways from person to person but usually men are more interested in woman’s feet than the rest of her body. If it is not on the extreme case when the man gets aroused and reaches climax only by feeling, touching, smelling or licking the shoes this is a real good starter for an incendiary sex round.

A person having a true shoe fetish is going to have tremendous collections of women footwear (usually high heels, stilettos, high heel boots and sandals and many other types of women’s shoes considered to be sexy and arousing). These shoes are going to be used in the process of sexual satisfaction or just arousal using different senses like smell, touch or taste. Some people are more attracted by the fabric the shoe is made of or by the color than the type, but the shoe remains, deep in that person’s head the association with a hot, powerful woman, that they consider it would be impossible to have.

As any type of fetish, shoe fetish can generate strong feelings of attraction or repulsion from the person having it. These feelings usually appear because the person having the fetish tries to deny the attraction that could be considered weird by society.

There is no need to feel embarrassed by having a fetish, you have to explore it and find out what it is that attracts you so much at a certain object or activity and as soon as you understand it you will be more calm and peaceful with yourself.