Pantyhose Fetish

Pantyhose are a feminine item of clothing usually made from nylon or other fabrics blended with nylon. They are originally designed to make the legs look great (by their shiny appearance) and ease the chafing between the foot and footwear. Although this was initially a strictly feminine item of clothing it became in time something that both sexes like to wear, especially in the winter to keep their feet and legs from getting cold.

The pantyhose fetish is strictly connected to the way they feel on touch and the way they look on a woman’s legs. It is considered that this type of fetish appears in childhood or in early adolescence when a young boy would have access to his mother’s or sister’s pantyhose and gets to play with them. This might be the time when he discovers that he enjoys wearing pantyhose or seeing them on women’s legs. Pantyhose fetishists could also have a very strong stockings fetish but they lean more to pantyhose because they come in direct contact with women’s genital organs.

A pantyhose fetishist would get extremely aroused sexually if a sexy dominatrix would sit in front of him on a chair wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose and no other item of underwear or clothing. When she spreads her legs wide open he can observe her hot pussy through the pantyhose and as she gets more aroused, he can see the pantyhose getting wet and her clitoris and labia are very easy to see. Just the sight, touch and smell of her genital areas covered in pantyhose could provoke a very intense orgasm.

At a psychological level, this need of feeling and touching pantyhose is derived by the need of being in permanent contact with a dominant female family figure at first and then, as the man goes on through life, he needs to have a piece of the powerful, strong and beautiful women he could never have. This is why usually people with pantyhose fetish prefer to have worn pantyhose.

The pantyhose fetishism has many types of categories and degrees because it is also one of the oldest fetishism in the world, people having access to fine fabric ever since medieval ages. Also this type of fetish is often combined with other types of fetishism as we are going to describe in the following text.

Still, as a general description, there are a few typical categories like focusing on certain body areas like the feet. This is actually a combination between pantyhose fetishism and foot fetish which is very common. Also a combination with uniform fetish where the pantyhose are combined with a schoolgirl uniform or girl at work, secretary, flight stewardess, policewoman, girl next door etc. Certain types of pantyhose form different fetishist groups like sheer-to-waist fans, opaque lovers, patterned or admirers of certain brands or shades.

Also this fetishism could manifest itself as a mild form of voyeurism when a man simply admires women wearing pantyhose in public. The pantyhose covered foot can offer an extremely arousing experience to men who often find satisfaction in just looking at women wearing pantyhose or even more they like to rub, suck or lick that part of the pantyhose. They also like to massage their penis with the nylon clad feet. Other fetishists find arousal in sniffing the sour and pungent smell of soles made by excessive sweat when in pantyhose.

In combination with a foot fetish, foot jobs can be very intense and stimulating when woman’s feet is covered in pantyhose and the men releases himself at the end of the sexual act on her feet. The sight of his seminal fluid on her pantyhose can be very arousing for him and it is a sexual fantasy for many men. Pantyhose fetish can also be linked to women wearing sexy schoolgirl uniforms where stockings, knee high socks and pantyhose can be worn with a very short skirt.