Legs Fetish

Derivate from the foot fetish, the legs fetishism can be understood as the attraction of one towards the legs of another. This attraction is gender free and also sexually orientation has nothing to do with it. This type of fetish is actually a partialism, the sexual interest focusing on a certain part of the body.

In many cases the fetish of the legs is accompanied by a fetish for the clothing associated with legs, such as stockings, boots, shoes. The most attracting part for a leg fetishist is the presentation of these body parts, from toes to knees, slowly being crossed after being seated or any other subtle movements of the legs.

Modern leg fetishism started since the middle of the 40s, since the beginning of "skirt raising" which at first only revealed the calf and later on the knee. This disclosure made men to be attracted by the feminine charms which until that point were pretty much hidden from his sight.

The classic method of experiencing the leg fetishism is to discover "accidentally" the visual attraction of legs from the toes up until a piece of clothing puts a visual barrier and lets the mind wonder off and speculate in tension about what is hidden further under the clothes.

Once the actual sexual act itself is about to take place, knees and thighs are discovered by hand and eyes so the exploration of legs is very important and an essential ritual.

In the past years, skirts have been replaced by jeans, tailored pants or sportswear, meant to cover up the legs. This has a slightly negative effect over the legs fetishist's wondering minds, but fortunately, seasonal fashion tries to bring up again clothing which would help young girls make the most of their legs.

It's not a strange habit for the leg lovers to get more aroused when the object of their pleasure is "wrapped" in specific sexy clothing and lingerie, playing with their minds and making the legs irresistible.

Probably the most exciting scenery in which legs fetish is involved is the domination play, where a mistress makes her submissive worship her feet and treat them as a whole entity, licking them, kissing and caressing them carefully. The slave must not lift his eyes upon the mistress, or anywhere higher than the thighs. Pantyhose and stockings are very important fashion "musts" in this fetish, raising the level of arousal and bringing a certain kinkiness to the table.

Another kinky play in which legs are involved is footjob. Tormenting the man's genitalia with her feet, the mistress hold control and also by stroking that part from time to time she shows that the situation can take a different turn. Walking all over the submissive's body is a form of showing dominance, especially if she holds the chest with one leg and rubs the private parts with the other, slowly to show mercy or hard and a little bit painful as a warning and a notice to the submissive so he won't forget who is in charge.

Online communities are very vast for this fetish also, mainly because feet fetish is very spread and legs fetish is a part of that. More and more people can enjoy videos and images shared by beautiful women showing their legs and teasing in the most erotic ways possible. Dating sites allow fetishists to establish connections and even meet if they desire, while specialized forums divide their categories amongst different types of obsession for legs. Leg lovers can request pictures of different fashion styles applied to legs, sexy lingerie dressing, dancing. These places can also have a section dedicated to those in search for a master, to show their submission and pay tribute to the powerful ladies who fondle their sight with their beautiful legs and let them admire for as long as they want.

Interesting enough, it seems that the people who worship or are obsessed with legs, don't follow a certain type, a form or don't search for obvious beauty in them. There are some who prefer the legs hairy, curvy or even chubby. The legs itself represent the single item which can bring their arousal level to a whole new meaning and also can be the reason for their sorrow, if they are not able to give course to their obsession.