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It's true that imagination has no limits and it's the best tool in creating your desired environment. But all this has its limits. Now you can get rid of those limits by just opening your eyes and watch how what you considered to be just an impossible thought, comes to live and place itself in front of your sight. There are so many in Full High-Definition available that it is impossible not to find what you are looking for. All you need is the time to let your fetish play in front of you and to know that there is more to come because our videos are updated weekly.

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Translating your fetish into a visual feast is our main task. You can spend days browsing through all these High Quality images and still have a lot more to see. Let the Mistress of Asia fill your sight with her beauty and dominate your mind with her eyes. There is nothing more that can be shown and these images won't show you, because we know everything there is to know about every fetish and we give it life from every aspect. Every mistress is real and her natural beauty is captured from every angle, just to show you how a metamorphose of your thoughts actually looks. Sit back and relax while browsing through our galleries, there is a very large number of images and you shouldn't miss any. We will make sure to let you know when more come up, that is if you are not already here to see them.

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“Hi sissy prick. I want YOU to
become my little slave.”

26 Fetish Niches performed and loved by Mistress of Asia


Femdom represents the dominating and superior female figure and as a fetish will always involve a powerful woman in control of the situation, passing the rules and putting them to practice. This is exactly the opposite of the common female submission and the dominating female in the master-slave relationship is called a Mistress.

This type of BDSM assumes that the female will have the power to choose any activities her slave will have to do. The slave can be either another woman, either a man and the activities will consist in anything from reversing the role to even torture or abuse.

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Foot fetishism is a accentuated sexual interest in feet. It is one of the most common sexual fetishes for body parts, otherwise non-sexual. The main attraction can be found in the size and shape of the foot or toes, their color from pedicure, jewelry, foot wear, smell or any form of sensory interaction. This is the most common sexual fetish related to the body and normally it associated with male sexuality, but women also manifest a big sexual interest in this, although the object would be different.

Both men and women with a real foot fetish won't find any ways of get aroused except focusing on their partner's feet, no matter the size, form or aspect. There are those who have partially attraction towards feet and their interest is represented by the perfection of these body parts...

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Smoking fetish

Watching a person smoking can be a really arousing activity for some people. That is how the smoking fetish appeared, a fetish which is also known as capnolagnia. It appears that this fetish has its deep roots from early childhood and the main causes vary from person to person.

History and studies have shown us that men are more attracted by this type of fetish because of their oral fixation and the pleasure of blow jobs than by the smell and taste of the cigarettes. The simple gesture of a woman putting a cigarette between her lips is associated to the image of inserting a penis in her mouth. Women appreciate more the taste and the smell than any other oral fixations.

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Erotic humiliation, regarded as a fetish, is the consensual use of psychological humiliation in a sexual context where the relationship between two parts consist in getting arousal and erotic excitement by being humiliated or humiliating another. Humiliation can be done (although it's not a must) by using sexual objects and stimulation.

There are many types of humiliation practices but not all of them are sexual itself, fetishists enjoying these practices search for the feelings given by humiliation. They can always combine it with many other sexual activities. There is a slight difference between dominance and humiliation though, because for example, in an activity like spanking, the humiliation comes from the effect while the activity itself it's just the means to the end. The submissive doesn't necessarily seek to receive orders from the mistress, but there are many humiliation methods that are desired for dominance based activities.

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Pantyhose are a feminine item of clothing usually made from nylon or other fabrics blended with nylon. They are originally designed to make the legs look great (by their shiny appearance) and ease the chafing between the foot and footwear. Although this was initially a strictly feminine item of clothing it became in time something that both sexes like to wear, especially in the winter to keep their feet and legs from getting cold.

The pantyhose fetish is strictly connected to the way they feel on touch and the way they look on a woman’s legs. It is considered that this type of fetish appears in childhood or in early adolescence when a young boy would have access to his mother’s or sister’s pantyhose and gets to play with them.

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Tease n' Denial

Tease and denial which is also called the orgasm denial or T&D is a term used to define any sexual practice that leads to arousing a person close to climax and then reduce the genitals’ stimulation or even stop, without offering the final satisfaction, the orgasm. This will make the aroused person (also called the passive partner) to really feel the sexual tension and when the orgasm actually happens is going to be extremely intense.

Tease and denial is a very common practice in BDSM life style where the woman brings her partner to the edge of the orgasm and then stops. Usually this continues with several rounds of tease and denial until the partner gets to orgasm without this being actually produced. Sexual frustration and blue balls are the secondary effects of this sexual practice.

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