Examples of Mistress Ooy featuring in "Bedtime Teasing"

Description: No no, it's not a good idea to go to bed with an empty mind. Mistress Ooy wants to fuel every little thought for the entire night, that's why she chosen this hot tight outfit which curls on every shape. The whip? That's just in case I get ideas, it will burn my skin instantly if I misbehave. Come, join in. Mistress Ooy has time for more than one slave and her lash could use an extra skin!

Mistress Ooy

Nationality: Thai

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Age: 32 Years

Length: 4'8 (148cm)

Weight: 99lbs (45kg)

Cup Size: B

Sexuality: Straight

Favorite Fetish: Feet Play

Experience: 13 Years

About Me

There's nothing more I want than take every next second of your life and make it mine, possessing you in every way you let me and perhaps more, because I can't help it.