Spitting Fetish

Spitting in society is considered to be actually a pretty rude gesture and the ones doing it are seen as outcasts or uneducated persons. The spit fetish on the other hand is obtaining sexual arousal from watching another person spitting and or using the saliva resulted from the spitting as a lubricant for masturbation. Also the need to be spit, special during the sexual act, and / or the need and desire to spit some in order to obtain sexual pleasure are actions associated with a spitting fetish.

There are documented cases of men who approached women under a cover story (they pretended to be researchers in need on a saliva batch for testing) and asked them to spit into a container while they videotaped them doing so. After enough saliva was collected they would use it to masturbate. This was actually the only way they could obtain sexual arousal and orgasm. Still this involves more a saliva fetish than a spitting fetish. Persons having the spit fetish can manifest in a few different ways in accordance to what feelings they need to obtain when practicing this fetish. For example, there are people that have the need to be spat on, this transforming that person into a submissive individual in search for a sexy, powerful dominatrix. This particular individual feels the need to be dominated and won’t reach orgasm until that particular need is fulfilled through spitting. Also this practice is very used in BDSM life style because it leads to sexual humiliation. The action of spitting in the essence is considered to be degrading in these days.

Another situation is when the person having this fetish needs to spit on another person in order to be sexually aroused. This could be a dominant behavior and the need of spitting could be translated in the need of controlling and dominating another person. Of course in a couple of spitters this could go both ways, by shifting places between them.

Actually I think this is a fetish that appears very often on men because in the old times, spitting another man was considered a true honor and showed real respect for the person being spat on. Our ancestors believed that spitting a person would chase away the evil spirits and many men practiced this. There is also the need of feeling dominated by a sexy dominatrix which is most common in men. A woman would feel despised because for ages spitting was used to show contempt towards them.

How is this actually put into practice? How does a person with a spitting fetish get his or her satisfaction? Well it appears that BDSM is the life style that “borrowed” the most from the spitting practices and it refers to the entire act as “spitting domination”. Usually the dominant partner, or the dominatrix, spits in the mouth and / or face of the submissive partner after which the submissive swallows the saliva. The act of spitting could very much be likened to the act of ejaculation, the sweet release of the sexual act and the final purpose of it. The spitting in the face or in the mouth could be viewed as a facial ejaculation or a mouth filled with sperm and the swallowing in the end could resemble with the act of sperm swallowing.

This fetish could raise some problems in a couple where only one partner has it. Spitting was so much condemned by society that most people find it as a something very rude and unnecessary, and maybe that’s why many people don’t seem to understand the pleasure spit fetishists get from this action. That is why an open minded partner and a good conversation could repair the damage that society did. If this doesn’t work, then you can always come to our female dominatrix; they will certainly know how to treat a man like you. Here is the place where you can find exactly what you need.